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Cleveland Transformation Alliance

2018 Board Meeting Schedule

2018 Meetings of the Board of Directors

All meetings are held on Mondays from 5:30pm until 7:00 pm at Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, 8120 Kinsman Road, Cleveland 44104, in the first-floor conference room.

February 5

March 12

May 7

June 18                                 

August 27

October 1

October 29

December 10


Choose Your School Worksheet

Choosing the right school in Cleveland for your student can be broken down into a few steps.


Cleveland neighborhoods with the highest need for quality schools

The Transformation Alliance recommends three different resources for determining the Cleveland neighborhoods most in need of quality schools.

First, please see our interactive school finder, at This tool allows anyone to enter a Cleveland address to quickly retrieve information about the schools within two miles of that address. Available information includes state ratings, relative ranking of each school among all Cleveland schools (separately for schools serving K-8 and high schools), community ratings and reviews, school-provided information, as well as demographic data, location, contacts, sponsors and operators.

In addition, two studies have been conducted to determine the Clevelalnd neighborhoods with the most relative demand for quality schools.

The first was commissioned by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in 2014 and conducted by IFF.

This study is available on the IFF website and identified 11 neighborhoods based on test performance (Performance Index scores):

1. Glenville

2. West Boulevard

3. Broadway-Slavic Village

4. Union Miles

5. Old Brooklyn

6. Mount Pleasant

7. Jefferson

8. Central

9. Lee-Harvard and Lee-Seville

10. Cudell-Edgewater

11. Stockyards

The most recent study was conducted by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, determining relative need for quality schools as follows:

- Each district and charter school was given a School Quality Framework rank score based on Value Add and Performance Index scores (supply);

- The total number of students in grades K to 12 attending a district or charter school was calculated for each neighborhood (demand);

- Weighted scores were calculated using SQF scores and the number of students, and those scores were ranked to determine relative need for quality schools. 

Download the PDF map below to see a map of the neighborhoods in Cleveland with the highest relative need for quality schools:

1. West Boulevard

2. Old Brooklyn

3. Mount Pleasant

4. Union-Miles

5. Central

6. Glenville

7. Broadway-Slavic Village

8. Hough

9. Jefferson

10. Fairfax


Cleveland's Plan for Transforming Schools

Cleveland's plan for Transforming Schools and reinventing public education in our city while serving as a model of innovation for the state of Ohio.


Cleveland's Plan for Transforming Schools - Executive Summary

Cleveland's plan for Transforming Schools and reinventing public education in our city while serving as a model of innovation for the state of Ohio.


How the Transformation Alliance Profiles Schools in Cleveland

To help families think about which schools in Cleveland will meet the needs of their individual child or children, our website ( provides a profile on every public school option in Cleveland.


Implementation and impact of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools | Executive Summary 2016

Click the link below to read the executive summary of the 2016 report by the Transformation Alliance on the impact and implementation of Cleveland's Plan for Transforming Schools.


Implementation and impact of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools | Full 2015 Report

The Cleveland Plan is beginning to have a positive impact on education in the city’s district and charter schools, but much work remains to be done to truly transform education in Cleveland, according to this report by the Transformation Alliance. 


Power of the Plan 2016

The Transformation Alliance’s “Power of the Plan” series looks behind school ratings to at what’s happening in Cleveland’s public schools, both district and charter.


Public records policy

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance Board of Directors supports the right of the people to be informed about the work of the Alliance.


School Profile Template

School profiles are an opportunity for schools to highlight what sets them apart and showcase what they offer students and families. What schools write here will provide context to the state ratings and community reviews on and in our Choose Your School book, resources for Cleveland families choosing schools. This template can serve as a guide to tell a school’s story, but feel free to use extra space to tell us exactly what you’d like students and families to know. 


Transformation Alliance Criteria for Sponsoring a Community School

Objective Criteria to be Used by a Sponsor to Determine if it Will Sponsor New Community Schools Located Within a Municipal School District

ORC 3311.87 School sponsorship; assessment of district and community schools.

(A)(1) Objective criteria to be used by a sponsor to determine if it will sponsor new community schools located within the municipal school district. Beginning with any community school that opens after July 1, 2013, each sponsor shall use the criteria established under this division to determine whether to sponsor a community school in the municipal district.

  1. -- The school’s proposed mission, vision and educational philosophy are clearly articulated and demonstrate a design for the school that will likely lead to successful student outcomes within the municipal school district, tied to the district’s student populations and the communities it serves.
  2. -- The school’s intended market, location and instructional design are clearly articulated and demonstrate a likelihood of educational and financial success. Specifically, the school’s intended student population, market needs, school location and instructional program design are tied to the needs of the district’s student populations and the communities it serves.
  3. -- The school’s process for vetting and hiring a school leadership team is likely to result in high-quality leaders who are capable of implementing the design for the school, with ongoing accountability to the governing authority.
  4. -- The rubric the sponsor uses demonstrates alignment with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers school standards and principles for quality authorizers, in evaluating a new school application.

Transformation Alliance Criteria to Assess Sponsor Success

This document lists the criteria established under state law for assessing sponsors that oversee schools in Cleveland.


Transformation Alliance Fact Sheet

Learn more about the Transformation Alliance and our work to ensure every child in the city attends a quality school.


Transformation Alliance Sponsor Review Application

State law grants the Cleveland Transformation Alliance the authority to review contract approvals and renewals of charter school sponsors seeking to open charter schools in the Cleveland school district. The language in ORC Sec. 3311.86(E) reads in part:

  • -- Before a sponsor to which this section applies may sponsor new community schools in an alliance municipal school district, the sponsor shall request recommendation from the alliance to sponsor community schools in the district.
  • -- The alliance shall review the sponsor's application and shall make a recommendation based on the standards for sponsors developed under division (A)(2) of section 3311.87 of the Revised Code.
  • -- The department shall use the standards developed under division (A)(2) of section 3311.87 of the Revised Code, in addition to any other requirements of the Revised Code, to review a sponsor's request and make a final determination, on recommendation of the alliance, of whether the sponsor may sponsor new community schools in the alliance municipal school district.

For more information contact the Transformation Alliance at 216.592.2420.