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You know your school best. Share your knowledge with your community to help others find great schools. Rate and review your school now to tell families and community members what you know about the Cleveland schools you know best.

If you want to review a Cleveland school, you must have a relationship with that school as a family member, student (over age 13), educator, staff member, volunteer or other community member. By logging on to review a school, you verify that you have direct knowledge of the school. To get started, go to


Transformation Alliance Community Review FAQs:

The Alliance monitors the community reviews and maintains the right to deny or delete ratings and comments.

The Alliance will not display any personal information with Cleveland school reviews, such as name, email address, photos, or ZIP Code.

The Alliance only allows one review per user, per school, at time. If a user wants to update a review or create a new review for an individual school, the Alliance will replace the old review with the new review.

You must include both a “star” rating and a narrative comment of 120-1,200 characters to post a review.

When rating and reviewing a school, think about what information will be helpful to other families, such as what makes the school special and how the school might improve.

The Alliance strives to create a respectful and responsible online community. The Alliance will not approve posts that are profane or abusive, include any names, or make allegations of misconduct or criminal activity.

The Alliance will review and approve your post before it appears on, a process that can take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email once your review has been published.

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