A report to the community on the implementation and impact of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools | Executive Summary

June 22, 2015

Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools is beginning to have a positive impact on education in the city’s district and charter schools, but much work remains to be done to truly transform education in Cleveland, according to this report by the Transformation Alliance. 

Signs of progress highlighted in the report include a drop in the number of students attending failing schools and full enrollment at many higher-performing schools. CMSD’s graduation rate is climbing, and for the first time in nearly 10 years, elementary and middle-grade students are making progress at the same pace as their peers around the state.

The charter sector is changing as well, the report found. More lower-performing charter schools in Cleveland are being closed, and new ones tend to be run by charter operators with proven track records. The Alliance is also using its authority to make recommendations to the state on charter school sponsors’ ability to oversee Cleveland charter schools.

But the number of students in high-performing schools has decreased since the Cleveland Plan was signed into law, and too many students remain in schools rated as failing by the Alliance.

To read the four-page executive summary, click the link below.