Letter to the Editor: Cleveland Plan Progress Report

July 17, 2015

The July 9 article on school reform, ''Focus of city school plan shifts,'' may lead readers to misunderstand the Cleveland Transformation Alliance's report on Cleveland's Plan for Transforming Schools.

The Cleveland Plan is focused on moving children into good schools and out of failing schools — a trajectory that has begun.

Our 58-page report carefully details the implementation and impact of the Cleveland Plan to date. We outline the massive amount of work already under way, including reorganization of the Cleveland district, an increase in autonomy for district schools and closer collaboration between district and charter schools.

We found that the district and its partners are making strong progress to improve education in our city, but that all partners must redouble efforts to meet our goals. The alliance recommends targeted interventions to ensure that all schools get the support they need. Schools that can't be improved should be closed.

The article suggests the alliance has ''shifted'' the goals of the Cleveland Plan to focus on improvements for a small group of students. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The alliance had to develop its own rating system because changes to state reporting made it impossible to measure progress under the old system. The alliance highlights both bright spots and challenges toward the goal of transforming our schools — a goal that has not shifted and, if met, will ensure quality schools for all Cleveland children.

Megan O'Bryan is the founding executive director of the Cleveland Transformation Alliance.