5-year Cleveland Plan assessment released

November 9, 2017

CLEVELAND, November 9, 2017—Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools has begun to change the trajectory of education in our city, according to a five-year assessment released today by the Cleveland Transformation Alliance.

The report examines progress made on the implementation of the four major strategies of the Cleveland Plan, highlighting in particular the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s work to develop new high schools and efforts of CMSD’s partnering charter schools at the K-8 level.

The report also provides an analysis of several years of state data on Cleveland’s public schools, both district and charter. Signs of progress include CMSD’s stabilizing enrollment, increasing graduation rates, and literacy improvement in kindergarten through third grade. The district’s partnering charter schools have posted stronger results on state tests than Cleveland schools as a whole, and have shown year-to-year academic gains that rival those of schools statewide.

State test results for Cleveland as a whole, however, show that new strategies are needed to address low-performing schools, particularly at the K-8 level, the report finds.

The report also sets key priorities to continue and intensify school improvement over the coming years, recommending that stakeholders update how progress toward the goals of the Cleveland Plan is measured and refine the strategies being used to achieve them.

Finally, the report notes that stakeholders remain engaged in the collective work to ensure all Cleveland children attend quality schools.

“This ongoing commitment is encouraging,” says Piet van Lier, executive director of the Transformation Alliance. “It is unusual in the world of urban education reform, where improvement efforts often falter after only a few years.”


The overarching goals of the Cleveland Plan are to ensure that all Cleveland children attend high-quality schools and that there are a multitude of great schools in every neighborhood from which families can choose.

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance is public-private partnership created as part of the Cleveland Plan to: (1) Assess the quality of all district and charter schools in Cleveland; (2) Communicate to parents about quality school choices; (3) Report on implementation of the citywide education plan; and (4) Monitor charter sector quality and growth.

The Transformation Alliance Board of Directors includes civic leadership, representatives from CMSD, the charter school sector, the Cleveland Teachers Union, the business community, nonprofits, foundations, educators, and parents.

For more information, contact Piet van Lier at 216.592.2420.