>How to Make the Best Decision for Y Student's Future.>

Do your homework on public and charter schools.

Step 1:

Do Your Homework

Now you can choose from many Cleveland public and charter schools that represent the ‘best fit’ for your family, regardless of location.

Plan your visits to Cleveland city schools.

Step 2:

Plan Your Visits

It’s not just about how a school looks on paper. Seeing it in person, observing teaching and learning environments, and asking questions are also important.

Enroll in Cleveland public or charter schools.

Step 3:

Prepare To Enroll

Every public and charter school has unique enrollment criteria, such as deadlines and student capacity. It is critical to know the enrollment details for the school(s) of your choice.

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance provides you with information from the State of Ohio Department of Education, school reported information, and a community rating (coming soon) for Cleveland city schools.